Thursday, January 21, 2010


Well, I was inspired to start this blog from my other writing friend Corra McFeydon over at From the desk of a writer. She's doing something similar: blogging each day to let others know about her word progress, whether that's a novel, short story, poem, etc.

So I decided to do something similar: create a blog solely for the purpose of recording my the progress on my WiPs. Each day will be a brief summary of what I wrote, the challenges I encountered and the amount of words written that day. It's also a way to hold me publicly if I post "zero" words for the day, you all can get on my case for it. I'm going to try and update this daily for however long in order to get me in the habit of writing on a regular basis. I'll set it up as follows:

Words Written
Time Spent
Goal for Today

As the inaugural post, my goal for tomorrow is to have at least 500 new words written for my current WiP Lady of the Snow.

Oh, and if you haven't seen my other blog, which is essentially anything related to writing--or my life in general, it's over here: Tales from the Writing Front.


Anonymous said...

I love thatserifize you're doing this, Dara! Are you going to add a link from your main blog to this one? Just an idea. :)

~ Corra

from the desk of a writer

Anonymous said...

Good grief!! :S

The word verification thing looped out and typed the verification word (serifize) over the original message!!


Well, just read it minus the brief interruption. :D