Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Writing Update Day 3

Words Written: 357
Time Spent: 10 min
Difficulties & Progress:
I wrote while I waited in the parking lot for my husband to get off of work. For some reason it was a lot easier to write sitting in the car waiting for him than it was writing at home. I chalk that up to lack of distraction in the car. I'm thinking I need to venture out to the local bookstore and/or Panera Bread to get myself to write.

I did manage to get a little further into chapter 2. However I'm considering skipping around since this scene is rather ho hum and I really want to write another scene, which doesn't come until another chapter later or so.

Goal for Tomorrow: Keep on writing. Unsure if I'll finish chapter 2 or skip ahead.


Caitlynn said...

If skipping ahead will make sure you keep writing, then I vote for skipping ahead.

Anonymous said...

Definitely skip ahead. If you're bored, the scene will be boring. Write past it and come back when you can rethink it from a new POV.

from the desk of a writer

jayda said...

It's good you got something written.

I absolutely love the background!

Nishant said...

I vote for skipping ahead.
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