Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Update 2/9

Tsk, tsk. Not updating like I should *slaps hand*

Anyway I did get a couple thousand words written for Lady of the Snow over the weekend for that Write Your Rear Off day. I'm still not really happy with that chapter though. I know I should write past it--only that chapter is supposed to be up for first round critique in a little more than a week o_O So that's why I've been focusing on it.

I think I may have to relinquish my spot though. I've been focusing on that chapter for entirely too long and can't focus on getting the rest of the book (re)written because of it. Or I'll just submit the unfinished crap version that I have. That works. :P


Anonymous said...

How's the writing going? Just popped in to say hello.



corra's writing room

Dara said...

I should be updating! I've been writing a lot. Well, maybe not thousands of words, but a lot in comparison to before.