Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Writing Update 2/3

Project: Scarlet Daughter
Words Written: 832
Time Spent: 20 min
Difficulties & Progress:

I shifted focus temporarily to my older WiP--the one I'd abandoned for Lady of the Snow. It was much easier for me to get the words out here and work on this story, at least for the current time. It's probably not the greatest idea for me to shift back and forth like this, but Naomi (my MC for the Scarlet Daughter) came back out of hibernation. Plus I feel like I know her better--maybe because I spent two-three years writing about her and her story. Also it's in third person, which is my strength. Well, sort of.

I still cannot decide which viewpoint to use for LotS. I thought first person would be great, but now not so sure. Maybe because I'm having a hard time distancing myself and speaking in the "I" mode all the time. Her voice is supposed to be a little more elegant and supernatural like, but she keeps coming out too casual. At least in first person. When I switch to third, she's more of how I pictured her.

Perhaps my next submission for critique will be back to third, just to see what they think. I know the first time I submitted my chapter in third person, they loved it. First person....not so much at all.

Anyway, I'm taking part in Write Your Rear*Off Day, as hosted by Moonrat. I posted about it over on my other blog if you are curious about the details. Hopefully as a part of this mini-write-a-thon, I'll be able to get a few thousand words out, whether that's on Scarlet Daughter, Lady of the Snow or combination of both.

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Anonymous said...

I'll have to check out 'Write Your Rear Off.' I think I read about it last week though, and I'm too late.

Have you thought about writing in first person about yourself for a couple days? Narrating your own day for practice, or reading a novel told in first person to get a feel for the voice?

Might help!

All the best with it -


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